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Thanks for your support! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I hope this carrd will be informative for you!

Outside of my day job, I spend a lot of time illustrating and I am fairly passionate about it. I've dabbled in graphic design and web design in various projects as well.

My hobbies include playing FFXIV, JRPGs, reading, and singing whenever I could afford to, haha.

If you have any further inquiries, you may reach me via twitter or email at kariavalon[@]gmail.com

Commission Information

Basic Terms

  • Listed prices are for artworks that are for personal use only.

  • Listed prices are my minimum (base) asking rates. Most projects usually tend to receive a tailored final asking price.

  • Artwork for professional or project use will have significantly higher asking prices.

  • I will typically share finished art commissions in my portfolios and social media unless told otherwise.

  • If you share the finished art yourself, please credit me by name. Do not erase my signature.

  • Your final asking price will increase based on requests for design faithfulness, designs with complex or intricate details, anything outside my repertoire, and anything that is noticeably challenging for me.

  • Artwork will be delivered in JPG or PNG formats.

  • What I am generally comfortable with drawing: fan art, original characters, providing assistance with character design (please expect an extra fee), and anything that I appear to specialize in.

  • What I am uncomfortable drawing: porn, mecha, technical design, anything without visual references, etc.

  • I will frown down on being asked to do major revisions late in the process. In that event, I will attempt to negotiate for an additional fee that should be paid upfront.

  • I do not offer refunds if I have made significant progress on the commission.


More examples can be viewed at my twitter and its special hashtag #kariavalonart.

All prices listed below are in USD.

Rates with $?? depend on what is being asked.

  • Blob style - $15+

  • Deluxe Blob style - $30+

  • Low Effort Portrait - $15+

  • Portrait - $30+

  • (1) waist character - $70+

  • (1) ¾ character - $80+

  • (1) full-body character - $90+

  • Additional characters - $??+

  • Background - $??

  • Additional - $??


I prefer PAYPAL!

I prefer that you pay in full after the sketch confirmation period, but split payment is acceptable.

You may e-mail your form to kariavalon(@)gmail.com, Twitter, reddit, or tumblr. Thank you!!

-- Character(s): name(s), and basic information about them.
-- Style: for example, choose from blob, portrait, or full-body
-- Background: yes or no? If yes, please provide details.
-- Specific details?: This is where you can include special requests.
-- References: Include visual references for specific details. If I have to do additional research, I will include this in my final asking rate.


After I reviewed and approved your commission ticket:

I’ll produce a watermarked rough sketch and show it to you for your approval. Once approved, I'll determine my final asking rate. Please pay as soon as we agree to the terms.

Once I confirmed that I received your payment, I’ll resume working on the commission and will offer periodic progress checks. Future progress previews will no longer be watermarked.